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Tapriza School Tapriza School was established in 1998 to provide children with access to education in a culturally appropriate setting near their home. Phoksumdo area people originated in Tibet and still speak their own dialect and observe ancient Bon religion. They are no longer isolated as they were for centuries, with the result that young people risk losing their cultural identity, language and traditional heritage. At the same time, the traditional livelihood of farming and barter trading are no longer practical. Education has become the key to survival. The school addresses the need for good education in this remote area. Students are taught standard Nepalese government curriculum, with additional classes in Tibetan, English, local history and traditional arts. At parents' request, the students stay at the school, remaining focused on studies. Tapriza has become the center of the community, and increased indigenous people's control in directing their area's development.
The school project is co-managed by TASHI-D local organization (Tapriza Association for Social Help in Dolpa) in Dolpa, Tapriza Verein in Switzerland and Friends of Dolpa in the USA. Nepal is supporting much of the project, mostly from village parents who take great pride in their achievement. The National Park and local District government also provide significant support.


Many challenges remain. In 2001, sixty students, up to grade three, attended Tapriza School. Plans are to add a grade level yearly until high school level is reached. A new facility is under construction utilizing local and outside labor. Health, sanitation and nutrition are constant challenges, as is attracting qualified teachers

Every contribution, no matter how small, helps to realize the project's goal of culturally appropriate education for Dolpa children. Please contact us at Friends of Dolpa to learn more about assisting Tapriza School.