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Dunai is the main town and administrative center for Dolpa District. It is situated near the Juphal airstrip, at the gateway of Shey-Phoksumdo National Park. People from diverse Dolpa villages and government employees from every part of the country stay there. It is a small, remote community.

Dunai Boarding School, was founded in 1992 by Dunai DESERT (Dolpa Educational, Social, Environmental Reservation Team) a nonprofit organization that provides quality education to Dolpa children of all backgrounds. A completely private school, it is supported by school fees and foreign sponsorships. About one hundred students attend; twenty-five are boarding students from far away villages.

The school has especially excelled in environmental education. The students of Dunai Board School have established a "children's forest", where each child is responsible for a tree near the school hostel. In addition to the standard Nepali curriculum, the students can participate in a Junior Ranger program to learn about their natural environment and nearby National Park.

English is the medium of instruction in many classes, resulting in a level of fluency rare in Nepal schools. Another unique program introduces the students to their heritage and traditional local knowledge by inviting the elders in the community and local experts to talk with the children. Schools throughout the region look to Dunai as a model.
Attracting and retaining qualified teachers is a constant challenge. In 1997, building began on a new hostel building and classroom's. Sponsorships are needed to keep the boarding students, and general donations are needed to pay teachers. Please contact Friends of Dolpa if you are interested in assisting Dunai Boarding School.